Our Story

Facilitating campus-community partnerships since 2001.

Stave Abel

Message from the Associate Provost for Engagement

Welcome to the Office of Engagement at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN. Since our founding in 2001, our office has been facilitating partnerships between Purdue and our larger communities in service of Purdue’s engagement mission. Our engagement efforts span the state, nation, and globe. We aim to be the exemplar for faculty recognition and advancement based on the scholarship of engagement, as well as our awards for emerging faculty, staff, and community partners’ accomplishments. We invite you to explore our engagement programs and stories to gain a deeper understanding of our work and identify opportunities for partnerships that make a difference.

– Steve Abel, Associate Provost for Engagement


Purdue Engagement connects the university with communities and individuals in partnerships to make the world a more equitable, resilient and prosperous place for all, at home and across the globe.


Purdue Engagement fosters reciprocal relationships with external partners, leveraging university resources in teaching, research and engagement to solve societal challenges.


Purdue University is among a group of elite universities across the country that have been designated an Innovation and Economic Prosperity (IEP) University by the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities (APLU). This designation recognizes our work with public- and private-sector partners to support economic development. We are pleased to have received APLU’s 2016 award for Innovation and 2019 award for Place as part of their IEP Universities program. In addition, Purdue has earned the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching’s Elective Classification for Community Engagement. Purdue was also the recipient of a W.K. Kellogg Foundation Engagement Award in 2014 (the Purdue Kenya Program; College of Pharmacy), 2016 (Star Behavioral Health Providers; the Military Family Research Institute), and 2017 (EPICS). 

Strategic Plan

Goal 1: Develop, implement, and support a brand strategy that increases the university’s capacity for engagement.

  1. Brand | Create a brand identity, strategy, and toolkit for the Office of Engagement.
  2. Visibility | Build and staff internal systems to increase Purdue Engagement visibility among external stakeholders and stakeholders within the university, systemwide.
  3. Accessibility | Build and staff internal systems to increase Purdue Engagement accessibility among external partners and partners within the university, systemwide.

Goal 2: Advance, support, and reward engaged scholars, including faculty, staff, and students across all three mission areas within the Purdue system.

  1. Advance | Enhance programming and partnership synergies within the Purdue University system.
  2. Support | Build and staff internal systems to increase Engagement support among faculty, staff, and students across the Purdue system.
  3. Reward | Expand recognition and reward for engaged work across the entire system, all mission areas, and both graduate and undergraduate students.

Goal 3: Connect and collaborate with organizations, communities, and regions to address current and emerging real-world issues and opportunities, leveraging partner and university talent, resources, and innovative programming.

  1. Connect | Expand the external engagement network and resources available to support engagement.
  2. Collaborate | Engage with external partners in collaborations addressing areas of challenge and opportunity across sectors, locally and across the globe.